Mazie Worm

Mazie Worm is a puzzle game I created and worked on for 5 months. I made the game in Unity 3D and coded the game in C#. There are 10 levels with each level increasing in difficulty. The player controls a worm through the maze to get a key that will unlock the door blocking its way to the next level. If the player fails to complete the level in the time given they will lose and have to restart the current level.


  • This is a puzzle game made in Unity 3D and coded in C#.
  • In this game you control the worm with your mouse and click on keys that will let you pass through to the next level.
  • I made all the level designs and coded all the mechanics for the game.
  • Each level is timed if you fail to beat the level in the time given the level will restart.
  • If the player touches any walls that will kill the worm and the level will restart.

All Art Made by: Andie Cone

Andie’s Portfolio:

Brainstorming Pictures

  • Level design for one of the early levels of the game.


Level Blockout


Gameplay Gifs

MazieWorm_Tutoiral_02.gif MaizeWorm_Level_2_02.gif Mazie_Worm_6_02.gif


Click here to see more Prototypes and Level Designs.