This is an aiming system I made for a third person zombie survival game.

Weapon without Scope

  • How the aiming systems works is that when you press the right mouse button or hold left trigger on the controller the camera will move to the over the shoulder perspective.
  • Then the reticle will appear in the middle of the screen as a mini plus sign.
  • You can then fire your weapon the projectile will shoot towards the reticle. 
  • The bullet spread area is the area of which the bullets can land when firing the weapon.
  • The aim line is the imaginary line that the direction of the bullets will travel.


Weapon with Scope

  • If the weapon you are firing has a scope when you press right mouse button quickly twice or left trigger quickly twice if you are using a controller. The camera will change to something like this picture where it will look like the player is looking through a scope.
  • The camera will zoom in on what the player is aiming at which will make what the player is aiming at look closer than the actual distance of the object is.
  • If press the right mouse button or left trigger once the camera will change to how the first picture looks.
  • So you can still aim with a scoped weapon without looking down it’s scope. the camera will just not zoom in on the object.


Aim Assist for Controller

  • If you are using a controller the Aim Assist option will automatically be turned on.
  • When you are aiming with your gun without a scope on the end of the barrel of the gun will ray cast to what the player is aiming at if it is an enemy and the player isn’t pushing the joy stick on the controller all the way in any direction.
  • The reticle will slow down on an enemy if they are in the center of the reticle to give the player a helpful hand at shooting what they are aiming at.
  • When you aren’t aiming at an enemy the speed when aiming is the player’s normal look speed.
  • When the player is aiming down a scope the ray cast line will be from the scope and will work like if the player was aiming without a scope.
  • The reticle on the scope will slow down on the enemy that is in the center of the reticle.

Tuning Options


  • These are some tuning options for the guns when testing the different guns in engine.
  • The designer will be able to edit these values in the inspect of the game engine to change how some guns will work.