• The enemies in Rangers of the Apocalypse are zombies, cannibals, marauders, and rogue military.
  • The zombies are the weakest enemies in the game they are easy to kill but if a you get over run by a herd you will be doomed.
  • The cannibals are the next weakest enemies they don’t wear much armor but will try to drug you and then eat you.
  • The marauder are a little tougher and will have some challenge to take out.
  • The rogue military are the toughest enemies in the game that you will have to use most of the player’s abilities to kill these enemies.

The Enemy’s Stats


Attributes for the Enemies

  • This table has all the attributes for the enemies in the game.



  • The Zombie’s are the smashers in Rangers of the Apocalypse.
  • They look like regular people who got infected by the zombie virus.
  • Some have missing flesh, some could have missing body parts, and some have blood all over them.
  • They will be roaming around the whole map of the game some of the zombies can be in hordes that will make them a little harder for the player to kill.
  • They can be alerted by noises from the player, like gun fire or running, walking, and driving.
  • If they are alerted they will look towards what alerted them. Then they will charge at them while making loud growling noises.
  • If they get in melee range they will attack in a swiping motion.
  • If they player takes too much damage from the swiping attack they will get knocked down and jump on the player and the zombie will begin to bite the player to eat them.
  • The zombie have low health and low armor so they are easy to kill.

Zombie Tells

  • When first alerted by the player they will look in the direction of the player.
  • Next they will start to run towards the player while making growling noises
  • If in range of the player to attack the zombie will raise on of their arms.
  • Next they will swing in a swiping motion at the player.That has a red trail to indicate a swipe happen.
  • Then will raise alternate arm then swipe again like the first.
  • It keeps swiping until it knocks the player down.
  • If the player gets knocked down.
  • And the zombie is still alive it will jump on top of the player and eat them.
  • Will fall to the ground when dead.


  • The cannibal is the emphasizer enemy in Rangers of the Apocalypse.
  • Some cannibals can look like normal NPC’s in the game and they will try to lure you into their camp by giving you missions to do then once you trust them they will drug the player and try to eat them.
  • Other cannibals you can encounter in the game will look practically naked and covered in the blood of their victims.
  • They will also have crazy eyes.
  • They act like zombies but are still human.
  • They can be found near some towns they set up camp sites that look like a good place to rest on your travels.
  • They have more health than the zombies but are still pretty weak they have low armor.
  • They are a little harder to kill then a zombie but not that much harder you will just have to use a little more resources to kill them.

Cannibal Tells

  • When alerted will take out their melee weapon.
  • Then the Cannibals will charge at player screaming.
  • When in melee range the Cannibals will swing their weapon at player.
  • The Cannibals will try to stab the player with a syringe to knock out player.
  • Will fall to the ground when dead.


  • The Marauders are the enforcer enemy in Rangers of the Apocalypse.
  • They will  look like most thugs you see in other video games.
  • They will wear hoodies and something covering their face with a mask or bandanna.
  • They carry guns and melee weapons that do medium damage.
  • They also wear some armor like a bullet proof vest so they will be harder to kill then the other enemies you fight.
  • They have about the same health as the cannibal but more resistance do to their armor.
  • They can be found all over the map they will attack towns and camps that you go to.
  • There also will be certain zones of the map that marauders controls that will be highlighted so the player will know that they are in a Marauders controlled zone.

Marauder Tells

  • Will attack the player on sight.
  • Will yell at the player when they spot the player.
  • Then will begin firing their weapons in the player’s direction.
  • If they throw a grenade they will yell “Grenade” or if they player throws something they will yell to warn others.
  • Will fall to the ground when dead.

Rogue Military(Challenger)

  • The Rogue Military are the challenger enemy of Rangers of the Apocalypse.
  • They were the military that used to help out during the beginning of the virus but now made it their mission to kill everything in their way to start a new nation only the people the see fit for their new nation they will let live.
  • They look like the picture above wearing military gear and strong bullet proof vests.
  • They carry high powered weapons that do a lot of damage if the player is hit by them.
  • They also have a lot of armor so the player will have to use all their skills to beat them.
  • They will search for cover if they can’t find any they will throw smoke grenades in the direction of the player so they can get cover you surprise the player.

Rogue Military Tells

  • Travels in groups of 3 to 4.
  • Usually will have a military truck with a gun on it.
  • If alerted will find cover and fire their weapons at the player.
  • Will also throw smoke grenades to give them cover if they can’t find any.
  • Will fall to the ground if they die.