• Farmer Frenzy is lighthearted first person shooter game where alien farm animals go after a trigger happy farmer.
  • The game was made in Unity 3D and coded in C#.
  • The player runs around the farm trying to find better weapons to defeat the alien farm animals.
  • There are also health packs and ammo packs scattered around the map to aid the player.
  •  As you defeat the animals you get points and if you survive long enough you will get to fight the giant sheep boss.
  • I was tasked to get the Enemy AI working.
  • After the enemies are spawned from the ships I made them target the player.
  • Each enemy has a trigger box on them when the player is in that trigger box  they will attack the player.
  • If the player isn’t in the trigger box and the enemy is still alive the enemy will chase the player.

Gameplay Gifs


Gameplay Video

Game Download Link: Windows Build Download