• Happy Endings is a game where a young kid tries to fight through his dreams and nightmares to wake up from a coma.
  • If he fails he might never wake up.
  • In the game the player will have to jump on platforms and use this trusty sword to defeat his enemies in his way.
  • But if he gets hurt there are health pickups to give him a boost of hit points so he can continue.
  • This game was made in Adobe Flash and coded in Actionscript 3.
  • For this game I was the lead scripter on the project.
  • I made the hazards in the game deal damage to the player.
  • The health pickups heal the player.
  • I also blocked out the levels the level designer made.
  • And replaced all the block out art with the art assets the artists made for the game.

Gameplay Gifs




Gameplay Video