• This was a jumping metric test I did for a cancelled collaborative project.
  • When I was making this I played the original game to get the feel of how the jump felt and then tried to recreate that feeling in Unreal 4.
  • When I first tried to recreate the jump mechanic in Unreal 4 I set the gravity to 1 but the Rabot didn’t drop like it did in the original game and the jumps felt like they floated too much.
  • Then I tried making the gravity 1.5 and I had to change the different Z velocities and got the jumps and the drop to feel just like the original game.
  • One difference to set our game apart from the original game was that we were going to have a skill point system that would let you have up to 6 jumps total if you put the skill points into upgrading your jump.
  • After I finished making this the project ended up not moving forward in development but if it had I would have handed this off to the level designers so they could start blocking out levels in the right scale.

Jumping Metric Test Gifs




Jumping Metric Test Video