How the system works

  • When the player first gets to a Crafting Table UI will pop up and say that if the player presses the square button on the controller they can use the crafting table.WeaponUpgradeSystem_01
  • Once you press square on the controllerWeaponUpgradeSystem_02
  • The players primary weapon will be put on the table and a list of blueprints for that weapon will pop up to the left.
  • When the player is done with the crafting table or want to stop using it the player will have to press the circle button to stop using it and will be returned to the gameplay.
  • If they want to and if their secondary weapon can be upgraded they can press the square button to switch the weapons.
  • On the blueprints UI it will show what blueprints the player has learned so far and how many weapons parts that player currently has to use for upgrading the weapon.
  • Any blueprint that is highlighted in yellow means that player has enough materials to do that upgrade.
  • When the player has a blueprint selected that part of the weapon will be highlighted around the edge of that part while also having a description of what that blueprint does.
  • If a player wants to do an upgrade and selects the blueprint two buttons will pop up to confirm or cancel the upgrade.WeaponUpgradeSystem_03
  • The option to confirm the upgrade is pressing the X button on the controller
  • If the player wants to cancel doing the upgrade they can press the circle button on the controller and it will bring them back to the previous screen.
  • If the player completed the upgrade the screen will look like this.WeaponUpgradeSystem_04
  • They buttons will change to Upgrade Complete and that will fade away after 5 seconds.
  • When the player completes an upgrade their weapon parts resource will be subtract the amount used in the upgrade.
  • When a player doesn’t have enough weapon parts for an upgrade that blueprint will be grayed out to show the player that they can’t not complete that upgrade until they get enough materials.
  • Once the Upgrade Complete fades away the screen will look like this.WeaponUpgradeSystem_05
  • That is how this weapon system works with each weapon type in this game having their own blueprints to change how that weapon works.

Table for the different weapons

Character Stats - Sheet3