• This is a pachinko game that I made in a week for my rapid prototyping class.
  • I made the game in Unity 3D and coded the game in C#.
  • I modeled the game board and the spaceship in Maya.
  • You get a 100 balls once they are used up the game is over.
  • The player needs to drop the balls at the right spot or they will have chance to get their balls taken by the black holes on the game board.
  • If they land their balls in the orange slot they will have a chance at a meteor shower that will spawn a bunch of meteor balls that will give players a bunch of bonus points.

Brainstorming Pictures


  • Here are two concepts I made when I was trying to think of an idea of what kind of pachinko game I wanted to make.
  • Concept 1 was a basic pachinko game that would have a ball spawn at a random spawn point at the top when you press the ball button.
  • Concept 2 was a Mad Max-themed pachinko game that would have the ball spawners at the top be War Boys in the back of crazy looking cars and trucks holding the slot where the balls would spawn from.
  • The cars would have been moving in a back and forth motion.
  • If the balls landed in the bonus slots in the middle of the game board 10 balls would have spawns out of the pipes on the side.


  • This was my last concept that I made and chose was a space-themed pachinko game.
  • I changed a bit of out the game board looks in the final version for the game by making it a lot wider.
  • I also added in the black holes to make the game a little harder.
  • The ball spawner at the top is a flying saucer that moves back and forth.
  • When 5 ball land in the bonus slot at the bottom it will trigger a meteor shower spawning a lot of balls from the two bonus ball spawners at the top of the game board.

Gameplay Gifs



Gameplay Video


Game Download Link: Windows Build Download