• I made this mining fortress with the Infinity Blade assets in Unreal 4 where an evil king would make his people of his kingdom mine the precious black stone that was worth more then any other gem or metal.
  •  When it was smelted into armor and weapons it was the strongest material they have seen the only thing that could pierce is another object made of the same material.
  • To spot thieves from entering his mine and stealing the stone when no one was in there he had his people break the walk ways so anyone who couldn’t make the jump would fall into molten lava.
  • The player starts at the entrance of the cave and walks down the path way lit by torches.
  • The player will have to be careful not to fall in the lava they will die if that happens.
  • Once they have made it further down the path they will reach a point where the path has been destroyed.
  • The player will then have to jump across the broken path trying not land in the lava.
  • Once they platform across to the other side they can explore the mine.

Brainstorming Pictures

  • This is the first version of the paper map for the level I drew out.


  • This picture is a drawing of a platforming mechanic I wanted to have in the level.
  • Also this picture has a rough sketch of the loot area for the level.


  • These are some reference pictures I found that inspired my level.


Final Version of the Paper Map


Gameplay Gifs





Level Video