Blackstone Mine

Blackstone Mine is a fortress I made in Unreal 4 as level design practice using real world assets from Infinity Blade.


  • The player starts at the entrance of the cave and walks down the path way lit by torches.
  • The player will have to be careful not to fall in the lava they will die if that happens.
  • Once they have made it further down the path they will reach a point where the path has been destroyed.
  • The player will then have to jump across the broken path trying not land in the lava.
  • Once they platform across to the other side they can explore the mine.

Brainstorming Pictures

  • This is the first version of the paper map for the level I drew out.


  • This picture is a drawing of a platforming mechanic I wanted to have in the level.
  • Also this picture has a rough sketch of the loot area for the level.


  • These are some reference pictures I found that inspired my level.


Final Version of the Paper Map


Gameplay Gifs


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