• The Pyro is a Ranger that uses their knowledge of engineering and their love of fire to burn up the zombie virus and the enemies of the innocent by using their trusty flamethrower and the old fashioned molotov cocktail.
  •  How the Pryo looks is they wear long thick fireproof coats and a mask that so they don’t breath in the fums form there flamethrower and gas weapons.
  •  Their main stats they use are Strength and Stamina which helps them be able to carry around their heavy flamethrower and helps them throw their molotov cocktails long distances.
  •  They wear medium to heavy armor so that can still be mobile while carrying heavy weapons.
  •  Their resource that they use is gasoline. As you use your flamethrower and your cocktails your resource will be used up.
  • If you run out of gas you will have to buy more or find some more. All fire damage they do does leave a damage over time on the enemy if they are on fire.

Tables for Pyro



Pyro Attacks.jpg