• The Marauders are the enforcer enemy in Rangers of the Apocalypse.
  • They will  look like most thugs you see in other video games.
  • They will wear hoodies and something covering their face with a mask or bandanna.
  • They carry guns and melee weapons that do medium damage.
  • They also wear some armor like a bullet proof vest so they will be harder to kill then the other enemies you fight.
  • They have about the same health as the cannibal but more resistance do to their armor.
  • They can be found all over the map they will attack towns and camps that you go to.
  • There also will be certain zones of the map that marauders controls that will be highlighted so the player will know that they are in a Marauders controlled zone.


  • Will attack the player on sight.
  • Will yell at the player when they spot the player.
  • Then will begin firing their weapons in the player’s direction.
  • If they throw a grenade they will yell “Grenade” or if they player throws something they will yell to warn others.
  • Will fall to the ground when dead.