• The Gun Nut is a Ranger that uses shotguns and submachine guns to mow his enemies down.
  • The Gun Nut looks like your average red neck gun loving guy who wears lots of flannel, a trucker hat, aviator sunglasses, and never leaves a town without stocking up on cigs and dip.
  • His light to medium armor makes him able to move quickly in battle. The resources that the Gun Nut uses are bullets.
  • His main stats are agility, speed, and stamina. Agility gives the Gun Nut more attack speed and faster reload on his guns. And stamina lets the Gun Nut sprint for a longer time and his speed lets them move faster.
  • One of his class abilities is the Machine Gun Mow Down attack where he can quickly fire a clip of bullets into the enemy.
  • Another class ability is Tar Spit that lets the Gun Nut blind enemies for a period of time.

Tables for Gun Nut

Gun Nut_Stats.jpg

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