• The cannibal is the emphasizer enemy in Rangers of the Apocalypse.
  • Some cannibals can look like normal NPC’s in the game and they will try to lure you into their camp by giving you missions to do then once you trust them they will drug the player and try to eat them.
  • Other cannibals you can encounter in the game will look practically naked and covered in the blood of their victims.
  • They will also have crazy eyes.
  • They act like zombies but are still human.
  • They can be found near some towns they set up camp sites that look like a good place to rest on your travels.
  • They have more health than the zombies but are still pretty weak they have low armor.
  • They are a little harder to kill then a zombie but not that much harder you will just have to use a little more resources to kill them.


  • When alerted will take out their melee weapon.
  • Then the Cannibals will charge at player screaming.
  • When in melee range the Cannibals will swing their weapon at player.
  • The Cannibals will try to stab the player with a syringe to knock out player.
  • Will fall to the ground when dead.