• The Berserker is a Ranger that would rather use a chainsaw and 2 meat cleavers to take out his enemies than use a gun.
  • The way the Berserker looks is a huge muscular man with a wide head kind of like Kingpin from the Marvel Comics.
  • Their armor is made of metal with leather on the inside almost like a modern day knight so when they run into a horde of the undead they can take a lot of hits with out being infected.
  • The main stats for a Berserker are Strength and Stamina. Strength gives the Berserker plus attack and plus armor and Stamina gives plus health and how long their rage can last.
  • The resource that the Berserker uses is rage that when they get 100 rage they can hulk out and do a maniacal trashing type attack that increases their damage and attack speed but increases how much damage they take from enemies.

Tables for Berserker